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The neuroscience of the developing brain in children and teenagers is fascinating and immense. Understanding what my children are going through on that level totally changed my way to parent them. It was a relief, I no longer take their behaviour personally and feel much stronger as a parent.

Being a parent is challenging, to say the least!

The constant changes in our children’s development demand our constant adaptation to their needs. Add to that, daily demands and pressure plus our own needs, which are so often being put on the back burner.

Times can be hard sometimes. Parenting can be so beautiful at one moment and so extremely exhausting the next!

As our children get older, we might find our child changing and it feels like we have lost touch with who they are or can’t make sense of their new and often challenging behaviour.

Most of the time our children might not know themselves what is going on. Children who once came to you for support and TLC now seem more reserved or closed off.

Asking children to see any therapist is a huge step.


“After listening to Veronique talk to our year 10 students about the teenage brain and risk-taking, I have altered my approach to conflict management with our students and could see positive results immediately.”

Gemma Longhurst – Assistant Head, Churston Ferrers Grammar School.

I have trained and worked in children’s development for a long time and find that by supporting the parents we can often support the child in a much gentler way.

My expertise is based on my training in child development, years of experience working in child care, special needs settings, schools and therapy settings, plus my neuroscience-based knowledge and last but not least, being a mum of two teenagers.

But ultimately, you are the specialist of your own child!

I simply offer

  • to help you gain a better view about what might be going on, offer alternative ways on how you can support your child/teenager, find out which big neuroscience changes might be happening
  • support you to regain a position of strength to be able to be the parent you want to be

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“Veronique helped my daughter with her GCSEs in ways I can’t describe to do it justice. She has sat with her and had many conversations about how the brain works and what simple strategies my daughter could use to remove that pesky little voice of self-doubt and worry. It’s worked an absolute treat! She’s gone from frozen with fear, to relaxed and free-thinking. We can’t thank her enough!”


Thanks, Veronique. What a change in a boy over the last month or so. My heart is full each time I connect with him. Thank you for your part in that. You have changed his life!

Please note: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very effective, however, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. The treatment requires your willingness and commitment to bring about the changes.

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