Hypnotherapy Online

Hypnotherapy online versus face-to-face.

So many of my clients have asked me if hypnotherapy online is really the same as in person.

Trust me, before Covid I had made up my mind that hypnotherapy online was not for me. I love the personal touch of meeting my clients and could not imagine any of that being remotely the same online.

And then, suddenly, many of my colleagues rushed to use ZOOM…

Is it possible to get the same quality hypnotherapy session online?

This is a question that kept following me around. And with Covid not going anywhere, I slowly but surely started to realise the huge advantages of the new way of doing things.

So in good old fashioned style, I tried it out myself. Me and a colleague, whose work I have come to admire so much, started to give each other sessions via Zoom.

It took me by surprise too…

I admit I was so positively surprised after even the first session, I was hooked.

We went on to do weekly sessions. After all, I like to have a bit of my own medicine too.

Those weekly injections of positivity helped me stay strong and resilient during lockdown.

So, from my own experience, here’s your questions answered about hypnotherapy online.

What hypnotherapy treatments are available online?

Whether you want to explore using hypnotherapy to treat addiction, for hypnobirthing or to help you with sleep problems, I can offer my full range of hypnotherapy treatments online.

What if I’m not confident with technology?

I understand your concerns. I know that it can be daunting but meeting on Zoom could not be easier. As your therapist, I will be the one setting it up, you literally only need to click a link once I have sent it to you in an email. It is as simple as that!
I mostly work via Zoom but other platforms are possible if that is something you prefer.

Is there anything else I need for an online session?

The most important is to have a reliable internet connection.

You can use a laptop, PC, tablet or phone with a good sound and a camera. As a therapist, I have to be able to see you during the whole session. That allows me to see how you are getting on during the trance and is also a legal requirement.

Some clients prefer to wear headphones to fully immerse into hypnosis, that is purely a
personal choice.

What are the advantages of online hypnotherapy sessions?

Well, the most obvious is probably that you don’t have to leave the house.

This makes hypnotherapy safe and accessible for anyone, even those who need to shield themselves or for whom travelling is complicated.

I personally have also come to love the fact that I don’t have to travel and spend time and money when I can just stay in my own home to receive my weekly booster. You don’t even have to get dressed and can stay in your cosy clothes if that is something you like.

You can choose the cosiest place in your house – that big comfy sofa or your own bed.

So, I can, in all honesty, say and from my own experience that hypnotherapy works just as well online and has some great advantages too.

And the best way to find out is obviously to just give it a go…

Please note: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very effective, however, results may vary and success is not guaranteed. The treatment requires your willingness and commitment to bring about the changes.


I haven’t even felt like biting my nails since our meeting. If I feel like I might be feeling a little anxious etc, I just do the technique you showed me a few times and the urge completely disappears. I can’t quite believe it, thank you so much and I have every faith I will continue like this over the next few weeks until the habit has been broken completely. I’m quite literally amazed you managed to break a habit of 45 years in one session!

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