Positive thinking is the new super power

Positive thinking is a powerful tool that we should all have in our bank of wellbeing tools. Every time I speak about the power of our thoughts, I see some faces light up in hope and excitement, while others turn into that super sarcastic grimace, also meaning ‘Are you sure?

Yes, I am!

And to be honest, that discovery was probably one of the most life-changing light bulb moments in my rather long, entire life!

Let’s try to convince you too.

Do you remember the last time you were in love? Do you remember when a simple thought of a loved one could send your whole body into the most indescribable tingling, even if that person was miles or even hours of flights away?

So practically you are nowhere near that person and yet you can feel them near and on your skin?!

This is the power of your thoughts right there!

Now that you are on board, I should maybe explain this a bit more.

In solution-focused hypnotherapy, we work with two parts of our brain. The left frontal cortex, also called the ‘happy zone’, and the primitive brain, also known as the chimp brain.

Both of these spend a lot of time arguing .. you might notice those moments of ‘Have a glass of wine, you had a bad day’ versus ‘Common, you had wine all week, give your body a break’.

‘Oh my god, my brain does that all day long I hear you say! Yes, these two actually fight constantly about anyone and anything.. exhausting, right?

The good news: We can teach our brains! Like a small child, we can take our brain by the hand and teach it how to work more efficiently and goal orientated. 

This allows us to turn our apprentice into a true professional, allowing us to harness their power to our advantage. 

They are both at our service but in very different roles.

It’s like having two employees, one is a cleverly organised engineer, the other an empathetic and holistic counsellor.

Would you give them both the same type of work? Of course not..

Imagine sending the counsellor to work on machines and computers, while the engineer runs group therapy sessions. The outcome would certainly be interesting!

Our brain is similar, each part of it is like a specialist in their own area. And harnessing that skill and expertise allows us to achieve so much more.

Understanding the brain’s expertise is like sending both employees on more courses to boost their competence and into group supervision to help them work together as a well-oiled team.

Introducing my new positive thinking course, Becoming a Positive Thinker

If you’d like to find out more about how to harness your brains’ incredible skills, why not join me on my upcoming course, Becoming a positive thinker.

I’ve created this course to share with you some of the positive thinking tools that have helped me over the years of my training. The reason that I love and share solution based therapy is because it has positive and proactive results, which you will use daily.

You’ll learn how our brain works, some incredible tools to stimulate it to bring out the best in you, find support and empowerment in a small group setting and get the chance to regular live Q&A’s with me to dig deep into your potential. 

You’ll also get my positive thinking trance to listen to and an added bonus 1-2-1 hypnosis session with me. This is a jam-packed course, filled with so many useful resources and tailored advice so you can become a more positive thinker.

Join in at a launch price of only £150 (the price will double next time) and become a natural positive thinker!

Click here to join the course today



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